On the Haus

Beyond the beer, Bauhaus Brew Labs is a collective of friends and family grounded in spirited community and positivity that – above all – sets out to foster a sense of belonging. Through our charitable platform, On the Haus, we open our doors to support others in unexpected and imaginative ways.


Did you know that Voyageurs National Park is Minnesota's only national park, located on the US/Canadian border? Well, Voyageurs National Park Association helped get National Park designation for Voyageurs in 1975 and today serves as its nonprofit partner, representing a community of people dedicated to its ongoing protection and stewardship. Together, the Association:

Advocates and educates to keep Voyageurs pristine and wild
Provides financial and volunteer support for conservation, restoration, and recreation projects
Supports community engagement initiatives that connect people to their park
Partners with the National Park Service to build the next generation of park stewards through programs like the National Park Teen Ambassadors

To support this beautiful piece of land in our great state of MN and the Association that protects it, we are dedicating GIVE TO THE MAX DAY on Thursday, 11/16 to Pints for the Park Night. Please join us for a night of education, games, food and beer.


What exactly is this magical (not-so) little word that’s so tricky pronounce? The uniquely German concept of Gemütlichkeit is the foundation of our family business and one that we want to share with the world. While there isn’t a direct English translation, Gemütlichkeit is an abstract concept that can loosely be described as a situation that induces a cheerful mood, peace of mind and connotes a sense of kinship, coziness and unhurry. Every On the Haus effort and potential partner is intended to fuel the sense of Gemütlichkeit in our community.

We've put a lot of effort into bringing Gemütlichkeit to our brand, taproom and events. And with On the Haus, we want to bring this idea of togetherness even further. We know a lot of businesses are already fostering this type of community, and that's exactly who we're looking for. If you're a non-profit, conventional business or just an individual looking to make a difference that embodies everything we stand for, we'd love to hear from you. Prost!


Disaster Relief: Global Giving Hurricane Irma Relief Fund, Houston SPCA, California Wildfire Relief, 406 Family Aid Foundation, Washington State Wildfire Relief Campaign, Oregon Volunteer Firefighters Association

Still Kickin

Hearts & Hammers

Books on Wings

Operation Glass Slipper

Heroic Hearts Organization

Memorial Blood Centers

Sweet Toys for Sick Kids which benefits the children of Hennepin Health Association of HCMC

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