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For our new summer seasonal, we wanted to dress up an American Pale Ale. Hairbanger has all the refreshing, tropical hoppiness you'd want in a modern APA, but we've fermented this beer with a classic Belgian yeast strain that gives it an awesomely complex fruitiness. It's basically the outdoor concert beer we've all been dreaming about. Available starting Wednesday June 10th in the taproom, at select draft accounts, and in 4 packs of 16 oz bombers at local bottle shops! So turn it up, raise a fist, and get down with this delicious summer seasonal.

To commemorate the official Hairbanger release on June 13th, Bauhaus will celebrate all day in the taproom and continue to rock all night with a heavy metal after party at a secret location, featuring members of the Bauhaus family and staff. To amplify the anticipation, Bauhaus teamed up with Urban Mountain to create a promo video featuring the most epic of hairbangs, inspired by everyone's favorite Belgian-American crossover, Jean Claude Van Damme.

MN Craft Beer Week is coming up, and we are thrilled to be dining with Cocina Del Barrio and a few of our favorite breweries in town for a night of collaborative cuisine and Minnesota beer. Beers from Bauhaus, Fulton, Indeed, Surly, and Summit will be paired with a dish created by a powerhaus chef from Barrio. It's going down at 6:30pm May 4, 2015 at Cocina del Barrio (5036 France Ave S., Edina, MN). Five courses for $55 (tax and gratuity not included). Space is limited, so RSVP now! Tickets can be purchased by calling Tyler Lineburg at 952.920.1860 or e-mailing

Here is a sneak preview at the menu from the five course meal:

Ahi Tuna Ceviche with pasilla, scallion, cucumber and lime
Chef: Bill Fairbanks - Barrio / Beer: Bauhaus Wonderstuff

Stuffed Rabbit Saddle with jicama relish, black bean and grilled spring onion
Chef: David Ellis - Cocina del Barrio / Beer: Fulton Expat

Pork Tenderloin with apricot mojo, arugula and peanut mole
Chef: Tom Ebel Barrio - Minneapolis / Beer: Indeed Mexican Honey

Bison Hanger Steak with ramps, fennel and spiced orange
Chef: Remy Pettus – Eastside (coming soon) / Beer: Surly Todd the Axman

Quinoa Cake with rhubarb compote and spiced caramelized pepitas
Ian Pierce - Barrio Lowertown / Beer: Summit Oatmeal Stout

Cocina del Barrio // 5036 France Ave S // Edina, MN 55424

Spring arrived...and then left, but we hear its coming back soon. We have kicked off our next round of seasonal curiosities with a beer to celebrate Minnesota's impending release from winter's icy grasp. With hibernation coming to an end, we have launched a hoppy, crisp, ridiculously refreshing take on a Red Lager called Copperpop.

Copperpop (5.6% ABV and 60 IBU) is a red lager brewed with spicy rye malt and hopped up with loads of piney, resinous Columbus, Ahtanum, Rakau, Cascade and Amarillo hops. It's the X on the treasure map of hoppy lagers, and you won't have to go through One-Eyed Willy's boobie traps to find it.

Copperpop is being served on draft at the taproom and various establishments around the Twin Cities.

It's already been a month, but we are very happy to welcome Dave Manthei to our production side as Matt's assistant brewer. He's luckily well versed in our equipment and has jumped in head first since day one. Here's a little Q&A we did with him to get you all more acquainted.

Dave is a Mora, Minnesota native that grew his brewing roots across the world in New Zealand. Now that he's back, we are absolutely stoked to have him join the Bauhaus family (especially to help make Matt's life a bit easier).

When did you first know you wanted to make the transition from beer lover to beer maker?
When the increasing drudgery of working in my particular field of IT cast a gray cloud over my life, and I longed for something more.

What did you do before you became a full time brewer?
Apple-centric IT support for K-12 education, which really meant I wore about fifteen different "hats" on any given workday.

What's your favorite step of the brewing process?
Fermentation. I love making an insane number of tiny things work for me, ceaselessly.

Your first gig as a brewer was in New Zealand. What was the name of the brewery, and what kind of beer did they specialize in?
Cassels and Sons, in Christchurch. We had a pretty huge range of standard offerings without an overall focus, other than making great beer. That said, our cask ales were a distinct point of pride.

Now that you're back, what do miss about living in NZ? Also, while there, what did you miss about Minnesota?
Man, this is probably the hardest question to answer, at least succinctly. Simply, NZ is rich in an abundance of glorious experiences, and I acquired a massive "family" who I miss quite a bit. On the reverse side, while in NZ I missed Mexican food and hot wings.

What's your verdict on marmite or vegemite?
Throw them both into the sun.

Aside from making beer, what talent would you most like to have?
The ability to transport music from my head into a shareable form.

If you could have an entrance song any time you arrived somewhere, what would it be?
It's a toss-up between "The Boys are Back in Town" and the theme song from the X-men animated series.

What other hobbies/passions do you have besides making beer?
Film-making, soldering electronics, wasting countless hours online… mainly nerd stuff.

What's the funniest thing that's happened to you lately?
My wife and I are dog-sitting for my parents and the dog ate a bunch of turds.

What's your verdict on marmite or vegemite?
OMG, I already told you. Get out of here with that garbage.

Favorite beers?
Bell's Two-Hearted, St. Boniface's Pale Ale, Vedett Extra White… I've been out of the country so long that I feel like I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Favorite Bauhaus Beer?
Probably Wonderstuff, but I cycle through all of 'em pretty regularly and they all hit the spot.

With the newly expanded production setup firmly in place at Bauhaus Brew Labs, we are happy to announce the launch of formal Haus tours starting on March 7 th.

Led by our close family friend and employee, Ryan Anhorn (Brand Ambassador / Bee Gees fan), the tours will be extremely informative about the Bauhaus brand and approach, yet casual and entertaining. Tours will be held every first Saturday of the month and participants can reserve their spots on a first come/first serve basis. The small fee for participating also includes a full flight of all the Bauhaus wares.

Here's a video of Ryan doing his first dry run…don't worry, Bauhaus will make sure he has all the details sorted when the tours begin.

All future attendees can sign up here:

Bauhaus Brew Labs, recently named best new brewery in Minnesota, and featured in Beer Advocate's 'Class of 2014,' is hiring a brewer for our 30BBL production brewery in Northeast Minneapolis, MN. We are expanding our capacity to 5,000BBLS/year, and we need an awesome brewer to help us pull it off.


  • Passionate about and capable of brewing exceptional beer
  • Physically able of moving heavy (80-170lbs) objects without assistance, and performing all brewery functions
  • Physically able of repeatedly lifting up to 55lbs over a long duration and being on your feet all day
  • Flexibility in scheduling, as brew shifts tend to run around the clock
  • Bonus: Experience and familiarity with the exquisite art of lager brewing

Job Responsibilities

  • Hot side production of wort and graining out
  • CIP brewhouse, tanks, canning line
  • Equipment cleaning, maintenance, and repairs
  • Sanitary yeast handling and pitching
  • Monitoring fermentation, beer clarification & dry hopping
  • Transferring and filtering, cellaring, packaging
  • Heavy lifting such as keg washing and grain milling
  • Quality Control and troubleshooting
  • Compliance with and further development of SOP's.

We're a new brewery, but we are growing fast. This position includes the opportunity for significant advancement and growth as a part of the Bauhaus Family. Please email your resume and cover letter to

About us:

Bauhaus Brew Labs is a family of musicians, scientists, artists and above all, beer lovers, aiming to reinvigorate the spirit of the family brewery. At Bauhaus, we take a unique look at classic German-inspired beer styles, skewed slightly by a sense of play and adventure. We opened our doors in July of 2014, and launched out four year round Haus beers in September. Our goal with this initial expansion is to get closer to meeting local demand for our core beers while working in new seasonal beers.

To kick off the New Year with a bang, Bauhaus Brew Labs announces the release of their second winter seasonal, the strangely awesome Über Düber.

Loosely based on traditional German bock beer – but hopped up and süper funky – it is a 7% malty, smooth ale with some unconventional oceanic hop additions for an incredibly unique, hoppy experience. Black currant, cherry, and earthy flavors with a straight-up dank aroma, are supported by a rich and full malt profile. This seasonal offering genuinely defies any style category, making it a true Bauhaus original.

Über Düber 22 oz. bomber bottles will join the already available core Bauhaus beer cans in liquor stores starting in late January, but will debut at the St. Paul Winter Beer Dabbler on January 24th. It will also be available on tap at Bauhaus and select restaurants starting the week of January 26th.


2014 Year in Review

Dec 30, 2014 – 0 Comments

What a crazy six months we have had. Thanks for the fun, Hauslers! Lots more weirdness to come in 2015!

  • Best New Brewery (The Growler)
  • Best New Bar (
  • Best Taproom (Mpls-St. Paul Mag)
  • Named as one of eight breweries that Minnesota should be thankful for (MPR)
  • Wonderstuff named one of Best New Beers of 2014 (STrib)
  • One of 28 new breweries featured in Beer Advocate Class of 2014
  • Top 40 Beer Cans (Paste Mag)
  • 2014 Communication Arts Award for packaging design