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When [lager] beer is properly understood it will at once be regarded as one of the most beneficent agencies now at work in for the regeneration of society. - Editor of the St. Paul Advertiser, "The Lager-Bier-ization of America," published in 1858.

"So, what's your thing?" As a new brewery opening in a flourishing craft beer market, we get this question a lot. To be honest, we didn't set out to have a "thing," but we wound up with one anyway. Call it a happy accident. The short answer is that we brew the kind of beer we love to drink: refreshing, sessionable, interesting beer. It just so happens that the beers we love to drink are mostly lagers. This is why three out of our four core beers are lager beers. And why not? Not only are they delicious and drinkable, but their roots are right here in Minnesota thanks to some crafty German settlers.

The Twin Cities, and Minnesota in general, were the adopted home of a multitude of German immigrants in the Nineteenth Century. Many of these German expats were beer drinkers and brewers. These brewers had refined the use of bottom-fermenting lager yeast, sourced in South America a century earlier, which combined with lighter-roasted barley and more floral German hops to produce a distinctively drier, lighter-colored malt beverage far more suitable to warmer climates.

The German word "lager" means "to store": lager yeast performs best when fermented over extended periods of time in cold storage between 46-55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the reason you don't see many craft lagers these days: they take longer to ferment, which makes them more costly to brew. In this incredible craft beer climate that has many breweries cranking out beer at or near production capacity, not many smaller breweries have the time or the space to focus on lagers.

Today, lager beer is the most widely consumed type of beer in the a long shot. Unfortunately, the style most people associate with modern lager beer is the pale, "world lager" style (think Bud, Miller, Coors, etc.), which is known for its exceptionally light color, body and flavor. But lager beer can be, and has historically been, just as varied and as flavorful as any ale. German black lager (aka Schwarzbier), California Common and India Pale Lager (an experimental lager style currently produced by a handful of American craft breweries) are prime examples of the variety available in lager beer.

Here at Bauhaus Brew Labs, we take classic lager styles that we love so well, and skew them a bit with our sense of play and adventure. We like to think that we're re-imagining certain lager styles for a new era of lager drinkers. We call this approach "forward drinking," and it inspires and informs everything we brew. We're here to bring a new kind of lager beer to the Cities that put lagers on the map.

See you soon, Twin Cities!


March 31, 2014, Minneapolis, MN - A new destination brewery/taproom is opening in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis’ Brew District. At Bauhaus Brew Labs, beer fans will be able to enjoy uniquely crafted, German-inspired beers with a focus on lagers – lighter brews that don’t rely on heaviness for flavor. With these sessionable beers, Bauhaus is looking to become not just another taproom, but a gathering place for friends and family to share stories, ideas, revelry and excitement.

Bauhaus itself is truly a family endeavor, built slowly over years of laughter-filled weekends and holidays full of beers brewed specifically for each occasion. In the fall of 2012, Bauhaus’ founding family made the decision to share their world with others. The company took shape after embracing the tenets of the Bauhaus movement of early 20th-century Germany: blurring the line between work and play while celebrating the joy of art and craft in everyday life.

Focusing on brewing flavorful, intriguing, “forward-drinking” beers, Bauhaus crafts imaginative and unexpected interpretations of iconic beer styles with a primary focus on lagers. President and Head Brewer Matt Schwandt explains, “A lot of the craft lagers available today are very traditional. Bauhaus is looking beyond tradition to reimagine classic lager styles and give them new life. We want to expose beer fans to a whole new kind of lager beer.” With the help of Helms Workshop out of Austin, TX, the Bauhaus visual identity also looks beyond tradition in craft beer.

Among Bauhaus’ core offerings are Wonderstuff Neü Bohemian Pilsner, Wagon Party West Cöast Style Lager and Stargrazer German Style Schwarzbier. Rounding out Bauhaus’ initial lineup is Sky-Five! Midwest Cöast IPA, a full-flavored ale that fuses German and British base malts with experimental hop varieties from around the globe. This rambunctious bunch of beers is the result of intense creativity and an exacting scientific approach that Bauhaus has developed over the years.

The brewery’s 2,000-square-foot taproom, with a future patio area of equal size, will be more than just a place that pours Bauhaus beer. “We’re building a taproom filled with energy and excitement,” says Vice President Lydia Haines. “One night, you might find three of the founders rocking on stage in the Haus band, Viva Knievel, or random strangers coming together on a Rick Astley duet during karaoke night.” Haines adds, “We also want beer fans to be a part of creating the space that they play in, to be involved every step of the way. There will be a big opportunity to do that in the coming weeks.”

In addition to its taproom and future patio, the company has its eyes on production and distribution. “The four Bauhaus core beers will be available to bars and restaurants right out of the gate,” says Schwandt. “We’ll be rolling out twelve-ounce cans around mid-summer.”

“Our brewery is really just an extension of who we are and all the things we love to do as a family," Schwandt adds. "We’re proud and excited to open our doors, share our work and watch it become your brewery as well.”


Located in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis’ Brew District, Bauhaus Brew Labs is a craft brewery founded in 2012 by a family of musicians, scientists, artists and above all, beer lovers. At its core, Bauhaus is about experiencing the joy of art and craft in everyday life. The brewery takes a unique look at iconic beer styles with a focus on lagers, skewed slightly by a sense of play and adventure.