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October 2017 Posts

Guten Tag, Amigos!

It's the splendor of 70 degree weather in October that makes us incredibly happy to be in this city of ours amongst all you beautiful beer drinkers. What makes us even happier is the fact that we get share some exciting expansion news. Since opening our doors in July 2014, we have been in a constant state of expansion. Working feverishly to meet the demands of off- and on-premise retail partners as well as nurturing our crazy-busy taproom business, increasing production capacity has become second nature to us. After much planning, it's our pleasure to share the details of our latest undertaking.

Bauhaus North

Just up 35W, a new Fridley-based warehouse, unofficially dubbed “Bauhaus North,” is up and running, serving as our primary shipping, receiving and distribution point. At a voluminous 11,000 square feet (larger than our Northeast Minneapolis facility), the warehouse boasts 2,500 square feet of cold storage as well as a substantial amount of bulk raw materials storage. The warehouse also serves as homebase to the our newest (robotic) family member: a semi-automated packaging system for Bauhaus’ hot-selling 12-packs.


Bauhaus Northeast

The new Fridley warehouse is part of an even greater plan to grow the production capacity at our Northeast Minneapolis facility. By relocating a substantial amount of cold and dry storage to Bauhaus North, we're now able to add more fermentation and packaging tanks to our Minneapolis production center. Y'all sling a lot of beer. Current production capacity is around 13,000 barrels per year, and the brewery is on pace to produce just over 10,000 barrels in 2017. With the additional square footage resulting from this latest expansion, we will be adding three more 120-barrel fermenters and one additional 120-barrel packaging tank in early 2018, which will increase overall production capacity to around 20,000 barrels per year. Eventually, we plan to add several 240-barrel tanks to increase overall production capacity to around 30,000 barrels per year (!).


Don't think that the party palace that is our taproom will get the short end of the stick - our taproom will also undergo changes as part of this latest expansion. We are aiming to elevate the look and feel of the space to reflect our dual regard for design and functionality. While we love our taproom, we weren’t able to fully realize our vision for it when we did our initial build-out. It’s pretty amazing to get a second bite at that apple, and we’re thrilled that this renovation will really tie the taproom into the Bauhaus brand as it was originally intended.

Taproom-goers can expect to see new finishes and lighting for the bar, a new and improved tap configuration as well as revamped menu signage that not only coheres more with the Bauhaus brand but also increases service efficiency. Our planned taproom renovations are designed in large part to improve the overall customer experience in the taproom. To this end, we will be integrating table service so that Haus guests can focus more on having a great time instead of waiting in line for a pint. Taproom renovations are expected to be done just in time for the 2018 Super Bowl.

Thanks for making this a reality, Hauslers. We owe it all to you.


The Bauhaus Family

Last week we stumbled across something that appeared to be...otherworldly.

Signs of alien activity followed...

And finally, on the morning of Monday, October 2nd, an official sighting took place.

After much deliberation, we've spoken to the experts, and we think we FINALLY know what we're dealing with. CROP CIRCUS DOUBLE IPA.

Crop Circus Double IPA features a huge, juicy hop profile typical of New England-style IPAs, but without the pulpy haze. Instead of a bracing hop bitterness, this beer opts to focus on smooth hop flavors and aromas brimming with tropical fruit and fresh citrus that result from the use of multiple cutting edge (alien?) hop technologies, including cryogenically separated hop resins and aromatic oils (aka "cryo hops"). While this hefty DIPA clocks in at a 8.4%, it goes down exceptionally smooth and finishes with only a touch of lingering hop bitterness. To put it succinctly, it's out of this world. Get it before it leaves the planet!

View all documented Crop Circus sightings across the state here: