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May 2017 Posts

Consistently warm temps call for a refreshing, crushable lager which is exactly why we brought Homeguys Helles back for year two.

Last year we teamed up with Fair State Cooperative to make Homeguys Helles- a straight-up, no-frills example of this Bavarian classic. It was so completely drinkable, we just had to bring it back for this perfect patio weather. Homeguys is a classic Münich-Style Helles lager. A staple of summer in Bavaria, helles (which means "light" in German) is a malt-centric pale lager with low hop bitterness and aroma, and lower ABV. Coming in at 4.7% ABV, this deliciously refreshing pale lager showcases the elegant maltiness of German pilsner malt. With subtle notes of strawberry and honeydew melon in the nose, and a crisp, dry finish, there is some awesome complexity to this easy drinking brew. This one is only on tap at the Haus and in limited quantity- get it while it lasts!