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August 2014 Posts

sunset in the shed - photo creed @colinkopp

Man, what a crazy three weeks it's been. You twin-citizens have proven to be a thirsty bunch of beer drinkers! It has been so awesome seeing you all in the taproom - raising glasses, grabbing growlers, beering it forward, and just hanging in the brewing wünderland you helped us build. We are brewing up a storm over here trying to keep up with your taste for delicious beers, but Lordy! Y'all are thirsty! You cleaned out our 30 barrel supply of wagon party in two weeks! Now we are literally staring at the latest 60 bbl batch waiting for it to finish -- and of course, it's taking it's sweet time. To distract you, we thought we'd share a bit about what's been going on behind the scenes as we continue to dial in the system and the process.

One of the craziest things we've been dealing with is getting the Sky-Five! properly carbonated. Here's a sciencey fact for you - if you can't get it cold, you can't get it carbonated. Some cooling problems early in our brew-volution made it impossible to get that batch cold in the Brite - so we have been forcing CO2 in the kegs one at a time as fast as we can. Of course that introduces variability into the mix that we are not thrilled about. But for us, it's part of the process.  

not-so-patiently-waiting-to-be-filled-with-beerWhen you think about the phrase 'dialing it in' it sounds like a pleasant, make-a-few-tweaks-here-and-there process. In reality it is a blood, sweat, and tears kind of process. Especially as a new brewery feeling like the whole world is on the line. That's where you folks come in - embracing the radness and patiently waiting for the beers to catch up!  We've got all sorts of tricks up our sleeves and lots more shenanigans to unveil in the taproom over the next couple weeks.  It's gonna be awesome.

60 barrels of Sky-Five!, Wonderstuff, Wagon Party, and Stargrazer are finishing up as we speak - all smelling and tasting spectacularly good.  If the beer gods are kind, we will have 240bbls packaged and rolling out by next weekend. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, twin cities!

Next up, the inaugural brew of Schwandtoberfest!  Cheers, amigos!

Photo cred - Carolie Hittler