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2014 Year in Review

Dec 30, 2014 – 0 Comments

What a crazy six months we have had. Thanks for the fun, Hauslers! Lots more weirdness to come in 2015!

  • Best New Brewery (The Growler)
  • Best New Bar (
  • Best Taproom (Mpls-St. Paul Mag)
  • Named as one of eight breweries that Minnesota should be thankful for (MPR)
  • Wonderstuff named one of Best New Beers of 2014 (STrib)
  • One of 28 new breweries featured in Beer Advocate Class of 2014
  • Top 40 Beer Cans (Paste Mag)
  • 2014 Communication Arts Award for packaging design

Greetings, Hauslers! And a long overdue "guten tag" to you!

It's about four months to the day since we opened our taproom in the NE Minneapolis Brew District, and as you may have noticed, we've been busy. I mean, we knew we'd be busy – we had a pretty ambitious plan when we opened Bauhaus Brew Labs. But we weren't prepared to be operating at capacity in our third week of business!! That's right, all of you beautiful beer drinkers have been so thirsty that we haven't had an empty fermenter since early August! To put it in perspective, we were anticipating that we would brew around 2,400 barrels of beer in our first year of operation (1 barrel is 31 U.S. gallons, in case you're wondering). In the past four months, we've brewed just under 1,500 barrels. If we keep up our current pace, we'll brew around 6,000 barrels in our first year. Holy toledo!

The thing is, we won't be keeping up our current pace. We'll actually be increasing production in a few months. We placed an order for two additional 60-barrel fermenters last month. And, we're about to buy a second 60-barrel brite tank from one of our favorite Minnesota breweries that is also expanding at breakneck speed. With the addition of the new tanks, we'll be increasing our production capacity by 50%. This will enable us to put more tasty Bauhaus beer in cans and experiment with more seasonal and one-off releases.

Speaking of seasonal releases, we've got the first of two winter seasonals debuting on November 19. But before delving into the details, let's talk about Bauhaus' philosophy on seasonal beers. From the beginning, we've focused on quality over quantity. We wanted to debut with four "haus" beers that we felt were all top-notch in their own right. That's why you don't see much filler in our taproom lineup – we want every beer we produce to be a winner. The same goes for our seasonal releases, but with the caveat that we want our seasonals to be truly special beers that are unlike our four haus offerings. With that in mind, we are proud to announce the release of Jingle Fever, a smooth and silky Baltic Porter.Jingle Fever Bomber

What's a "Baltic Porter," you ask? Well, it's just the kind of beer you'll want to cozy up to as the polar vortex takes up residence...again. Baltic Porter originated in and around the areas surrounding the Baltic Sea. You may have heard of Brown Porter or Robust Porter, which are historically English styles brewed as ales. There are a lot of American breweries making these beers nowadays, too. But Baltic Porter is a different animal. It's got some of the same malty characteristics as Brown Porter (think toffee, caramel and a hint of roast), but it's bigger, smoother and more complex. Jingle Fever packs a hefty punch at 8.0% ABV with complex malt flavors expressing chocolate, dried dark fruit along with hints of licorice, earthy spice and toast. But what really makes Jingle Fever a unique winter offering is its curiously smooth finish, making it a dangerously drinkable addition to the Bauhaus family of beers. How do we make it so smooth? Well, we ferment Jingle Fever with the same lager yeast we use for Wonderstuff and Stargrazer, which provides a clean, malt-focused finish. We also let this beer age for almost two months, giving the flavors an opportunity to really meld together and smooth out. Finally, we listened to a lot of Michael McDonald while brewing this beer – so smooth...  Look for Jingle Fever in 22-ounce "bomber" bottles at select retailers beginning on November 19. We'll also have it on tap in the Bauhaus taproom and at select bars and restaurants.

We'll be brewing a second winter seasonal in early December, which we also plan to bottle in 22-ounce bombers. So, stay tuned and stay thirsty!

sunset in the shed - photo creed @colinkopp

Man, what a crazy three weeks it's been. You twin-citizens have proven to be a thirsty bunch of beer drinkers! It has been so awesome seeing you all in the taproom - raising glasses, grabbing growlers, beering it forward, and just hanging in the brewing wünderland you helped us build. We are brewing up a storm over here trying to keep up with your taste for delicious beers, but Lordy! Y'all are thirsty! You cleaned out our 30 barrel supply of wagon party in two weeks! Now we are literally staring at the latest 60 bbl batch waiting for it to finish -- and of course, it's taking it's sweet time. To distract you, we thought we'd share a bit about what's been going on behind the scenes as we continue to dial in the system and the process.

One of the craziest things we've been dealing with is getting the Sky-Five! properly carbonated. Here's a sciencey fact for you - if you can't get it cold, you can't get it carbonated. Some cooling problems early in our brew-volution made it impossible to get that batch cold in the Brite - so we have been forcing CO2 in the kegs one at a time as fast as we can. Of course that introduces variability into the mix that we are not thrilled about. But for us, it's part of the process.  

not-so-patiently-waiting-to-be-filled-with-beerWhen you think about the phrase 'dialing it in' it sounds like a pleasant, make-a-few-tweaks-here-and-there process. In reality it is a blood, sweat, and tears kind of process. Especially as a new brewery feeling like the whole world is on the line. That's where you folks come in - embracing the radness and patiently waiting for the beers to catch up!  We've got all sorts of tricks up our sleeves and lots more shenanigans to unveil in the taproom over the next couple weeks.  It's gonna be awesome.

60 barrels of Sky-Five!, Wonderstuff, Wagon Party, and Stargrazer are finishing up as we speak - all smelling and tasting spectacularly good.  If the beer gods are kind, we will have 240bbls packaged and rolling out by next weekend. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, twin cities!

Next up, the inaugural brew of Schwandtoberfest!  Cheers, amigos!

Photo cred - Carolie Hittler

What a Week!

Jul 22, 2014 – 0 Comments

People!  All we can say is WOW.  What the HOSEN just happened?  The support and the madness that you have shown us this weekend is so far beyond anything we expected.  We are floored by it. And now...we hit the ground running!  Check out all of the updates to the website as well as our facebook events, and get used to seeing the Bauhaus crew around the Twin Cities!  The Brew Map is up, so you can get your Bauhaus fix around town.   Coming up in the next two weeks:

Tuesday 7/22 6 PM: Launch Party for the Wonderstuff Neü Bohemian Pilsner at New Bohemia Wurst + Bierhaus. Celebrate the launch of our tasty Pilsner, try your hand at some trivia, and enjoy all the brats.

Wednesday 7/23 3 PM: Taproom is back in the action.  Come play games, drink some delicious beers, and be on the lookout for the growler toss at 9:55!

Thursday 7/24 3 PMHouse of Hunger in the taproom, come hungry!

Friday 7/25 3 PMGASTRO TRUCK!!

Sunday 7/27, 2pm-9pm:  Northeast Brewers Block Party at Sociable Cider Werks. 1500 Fillmore St NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413 for more info click here.

Tuesday 7/29: Pizza Dinner with Brew Pub Pizza at the taproom! Tickets are sold out, but the rest of your can pick up a growler at the taproom and a brewpub pizza at your local Grocer. DO IT!

Wednesday 7/30 3 PM: Brace yourselves, the Anchor Truck will be at the taproom.  The best fish and chips you can get stateside, maybe in the world paired with some seriously great beer. 

Thursday 7/31 3PMTRU PIZZA TRUCK is making it's Bauhaus taproom debut.  If you haven't had a chance to try Jason's amazing pizza creations, get yourself to the taproom, stat!

Thursday 7/31 6:30 PM: Cured + Crafted - A Prosciutto di Parma Tasting & Craft Beer Pairing at Muse event center.  The best of the best, Twin Cities chefs, mixologists, and brewers collaborate to create unique pairings and an evening to remember.  Curious to know how far Matt will go for a free leg of prosciutto?  Get your tickets here and find out! 

Friday 8/1 3PMRed River Kitchen rolls into the Taproom!

Saturday 8/2Beer Run at Bauhaus!  If you feel like running a 5k through the amazing Northeast neighborhood that ends in the taproom, register now!  It's going to be a blast.  And on top of that Green and The Grain will be parked outside all day!  

Ok, now for a nap.  Cheers, Twin Cities!  


The time has finally come. Bauhaus Brew Labs is opening its doors to the public on Friday July 18th, 2014. We've spent countless months, days, and hours building our wunderland, and we can't wait to share it with you all! 

We have been doing our best to put your ideas to work as we build the taproom. One of the ideas we are most excited to see is a massive “Beer It Forward” board that allows drinkers to gift a beer to a friend or random stranger, and also holds daily challenges for free beer. Trivia, karaoke and live music will add to the list of taproom activities, making our Brewing Wünderland truly unlike any other taproom in the Twin Cities.

We will be pouring three of our four core offerings: Wonderstuff Neü Bohemian Pilsner, Wagon Party West Cöast Style Lager, and Stargrazer German Style Schwarzbier. The Sky-Five! Midwest Cöast IPA will debut in the coming weeks.  The beers are tasting exceptional, and each subsequent brew has been better than the last as we continue to dial in the brew process.   

Bauhaus Brew Labs will be open Wednesdays through Fridays from 3 to 11 p.m., and Saturdays from noon to 11 p.m. Local food trucks will also be on-site to compliment the brews.  


Howdy, Beer Fans!

If you've been following along for the past few weeks, then you know that (1) our Kickstarter project is currently underway (and based on the overwhelming support of our backers, future taproom awesomeness is just around the corner!), and (2) we received our shiny new brewhouse vessels from our equipment manufacturer in Canada, eh. Well, we're happy to report that the brewhouse utility work is nearly complete, and we may be ready to brew actual beer any minute now. Getting to this point has been almost two years in the making, and it's really exciting to be so close to opening day. 

"If you're so close to opening, why don't you announce an official opening date – what the hosen is taking so long?!"  Well friends, despite our best laid plans, we're finding ourselves in the same position that so many new breweries find themselves in: this process always takes longer (and costs more) than you ever imagined.

The reasons for the lengthy startup phase have to do with getting approval to brew from regulators and finishing brewery construction. Alcoholic beverage production is one of the most highly regulated industries imaginable; virtually every level of government (federal, state, local, etc.) has a hand on our schnitzel. You may have heard other new breweries talk about getting their "TTB" number, which is a significant licensing milestone for any new brewery. The TTB is the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau, which is an arm of the U.S. Treasury. As onerous as the process of getting a TTB number can be, it's practically a cakewalk compared to all of the state and local hoops that new breweries have to jump through in order to become fully licensed and operational.

Here at Bauhaus, we have our TTB number, and we just recently got our state brewer's license. Our city taproom and growler licenses are in the works, and we are awaiting final approval from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. "Wait, you guys aren't farmers – you're brewers, right?!" Right you are, observant one. But Minnesota treats breweries in the same manner as it does food processing plants (think meat packing facilities or dairies), and those types of businesses are regulated primarily by the Department of Agriculture. As you would expect, this can be a cumbersome endeavor, and it frequently results in several changes that have to be made to the brewery/taproom floor plan, surface coverings/coatings or other miscellaneous items in order to be in compliance. We recently met with the inspector from the Department of Agriculture, and we're doing our darndest to get the brewery up to snuff.

In the meantime, we're riding herd on our trades to finish up with brewery construction. After all of this is done, we get one final golden ticket from the city: our certificate of occupancy. Once we have this, all of you beautiful beer people can waltz through our doors.

So, hang in there beer fans. We know you're champing at the bit to see what we've been cooking up for you's – it won't be long now!

Kickstartin' it up!

May 01, 2014 – 0 Comments

We can safely say that kickstarter has by far exceeded our wilder dreams in the last 24 hours. The incredible outpouring of support is just plain mind blowing. We're happier than Bob Ross on a breezy summer day! Thank you again for laughing along with us and jumping on the bändwagon.  Watch the video again, and keep sharing! Stay tuned, we have LOTS more surprises in store for you fine folks!  And don't forget to light up the comments section of our kickstarter page with your best tap room ideas.  Once we reach our goal we can start honing in on our favorites as stretch goals! Cheers, amigos!

When [lager] beer is properly understood it will at once be regarded as one of the most beneficent agencies now at work in for the regeneration of society. - Editor of the St. Paul Advertiser, "The Lager-Bier-ization of America," published in 1858.

"So, what's your thing?" As a new brewery opening in a flourishing craft beer market, we get this question a lot. To be honest, we didn't set out to have a "thing," but we wound up with one anyway. Call it a happy accident. The short answer is that we brew the kind of beer we love to drink: refreshing, sessionable, interesting beer. It just so happens that the beers we love to drink are mostly lagers. This is why three out of our four core beers are lager beers. And why not? Not only are they delicious and drinkable, but their roots are right here in Minnesota thanks to some crafty German settlers.

The Twin Cities, and Minnesota in general, were the adopted home of a multitude of German immigrants in the Nineteenth Century. Many of these German expats were beer drinkers and brewers. These brewers had refined the use of bottom-fermenting lager yeast, sourced in South America a century earlier, which combined with lighter-roasted barley and more floral German hops to produce a distinctively drier, lighter-colored malt beverage far more suitable to warmer climates.

The German word "lager" means "to store": lager yeast performs best when fermented over extended periods of time in cold storage between 46-55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the reason you don't see many craft lagers these days: they take longer to ferment, which makes them more costly to brew. In this incredible craft beer climate that has many breweries cranking out beer at or near production capacity, not many smaller breweries have the time or the space to focus on lagers.

Today, lager beer is the most widely consumed type of beer in the a long shot. Unfortunately, the style most people associate with modern lager beer is the pale, "world lager" style (think Bud, Miller, Coors, etc.), which is known for its exceptionally light color, body and flavor. But lager beer can be, and has historically been, just as varied and as flavorful as any ale. German black lager (aka Schwarzbier), California Common and India Pale Lager (an experimental lager style currently produced by a handful of American craft breweries) are prime examples of the variety available in lager beer.

Here at Bauhaus Brew Labs, we take classic lager styles that we love so well, and skew them a bit with our sense of play and adventure. We like to think that we're re-imagining certain lager styles for a new era of lager drinkers. We call this approach "forward drinking," and it inspires and informs everything we brew. We're here to bring a new kind of lager beer to the Cities that put lagers on the map.

See you soon, Twin Cities!