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Welcome Back to Bauhaus

Jun 04, 2020 – 0 Comments

PATIO AND INSIDE NOW OPEN! Carefully read the ever-so-important details here:


  • Must be made in advance via OpenTable, which can be made HERE. No more than 4 to a table, 6 if family.
  • Reservations will be in 90 minute increments. This is the best way for staff to manage guests and ensure top-notch cleanliness. After 80 minutes, taproom staff will announce turnover, and at that point guests will exit the patio and our staff will wipe down all tables, benches, chairs and menus.
  • Reservation times will be increased to 120 increments starting Monday, June 22nd.
  • Please do not enter the taproom until your reservation time - this is to maximize work flow and ensure social distancing. Proceed through the taproom doors to check in when you arrive. Exit will be out the patio.

CANCELLATION POLICY: As a small business operating in 2020, we can't afford no-shows. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. Any cancellations made within 24 hours/no-shows will be charged $15 on the credit card provided. $5 of that will go towards Restore North, a fundraiser helping Northside Minneapolis businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19 and the recent uprising.

MASKS: Haus guests are required to have masks and wear them when interacting with staff, going to the bathroom, or visiting the food truck (also, if you’re planning to safely imbibe, Uber/Lyft require ‘em!).

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Guests must observe social distancing guidelines, leaving 6 feet apart from other patrons, with no wandering around the patio.

ORDERING MORE BEER: To allow distancing, avoid queuing up behind the bar. Wait for people to order and sit back down before leaving your table.

BUS YOUR TABLE: Please place your glassware in the bins provided.

DOGGOS AND KIDS: Allowed, but MUST be kept at the table at all times…or else.

WHEN IT’S TIME TO GO: It’s time to go (no negotiating or loitering!). Kindly exit out the NW corner of the patio.

NORMAL HAUS RULES APPLY: Don’t smoke on our patio. Enjoy your drinks responsibly and respectfully.Most of all, be kind to our staff and the rest of our guests. Uncool/unkind behavior of any variety will not be tolerated.

DON’T BE A DINGUS: Anyone exhibiting symptoms of sickness or failing to abide be any of these rules will be prohibited from entering or asked to leave.Anyone not following these guidelines will be asked to leave immediately.


  • Dine-in
    • Monday-Friday 4pm-11:30pm
    • Saturday - 12pm-12am
  • Pickup
    • Monday-Friday - 4pm-10pm
    • Saturday - 12pm-10pm
  • Delivery
    • Monday-Saturday - 12pm-6pm


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