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Introducing: Beechballer Double Alt

Jan 04, 2017 – 0 Comments

Hey y'all,

It might be the middle of the Polar Vortex around these parts but we're slipping on our shades and warming up with a Double Alt that goes by Beechballer.

Beechballer Double Alt is beer #2 in our Over The Charts series and is a big, peppy winter lager. It's an imperial version of German altbier, aka alt. Alt (literally, “old” in German) and is characterized by an amber to light copper color, clean yet robust maltiness, moderate hop bitterness and a crisp, dry finish. Beechballer plays on all of those characteristics, but boasts an 8.3% ABV and a slightly elevated hoppiness featuring classic German hops. In addition, we used our Haus lager yeast to ferment this beer. The result is a warming beer with a complex malt character and peppy, flowery hops in the finish.

We took the liberty of adding a small percentage of beechwood smoked malt in this bee, hence, the Beechballer name. Beechwood smoked malt is a relatively mild smoked malt that when used in small quantities provides a subtle, smoky malt complexity to a given beer.

Given the Beechballer name and the current state of weather, we couldn't help but channel a certain 1986 volleyball scene to promote this puppy:

This is a perfect mid-winter treat to get you through the coldest time of the year. So stay warm and go Beechballin'!