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Oct 03, 2017 – 0 Comments

Last week we stumbled across something that appeared to be...otherworldly.

Signs of alien activity followed...

And finally, on the morning of Monday, October 2nd, an official sighting took place.

After much deliberation, we've spoken to the experts, and we think we FINALLY know what we're dealing with. CROP CIRCUS DOUBLE IPA.

Crop Circus Double IPA features a huge, juicy hop profile typical of New England-style IPAs, but without the pulpy haze. Instead of a bracing hop bitterness, this beer opts to focus on smooth hop flavors and aromas brimming with tropical fruit and fresh citrus that result from the use of multiple cutting edge (alien?) hop technologies, including cryogenically separated hop resins and aromatic oils (aka "cryo hops"). While this hefty DIPA clocks in at a 8.4%, it goes down exceptionally smooth and finishes with only a touch of lingering hop bitterness. To put it succinctly, it's out of this world. Get it before it leaves the planet!

View all documented Crop Circus sightings across the state here: