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We made a roller disco music video

Apr 26, 2016 – 0 Comments

If you follow us on social media, chances are you're familiar with the way in which we announce new beers and other significant brewery news- through absolutely absurd videos that delight the senses and show off the many creative talents of our staff. If you don't follow us, do yourself the favor of being entertained and check us out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

With the launch of Wonderstuff 12-packs (which will be in liquor stores across the Twin Cities and greater MN the first week of May), we did the thing we know best and wrote a song about it...and then filmed a roller disco music video.

And, for your at-home dance party pleasure, the song is available for streaming and download on Soundcloud:

Wonderstuff is Bauhaus’ decidedly modern take on a classic Bohemian (aka Czech) pilsner. While still as crisp and refreshing as its German counterpart, Bohemian pilsner is regarded by some as the perfect beer given its perfect balance between spicy hops and a rich, complex maltiness. Wonderstuff includes all of the hallmark characteristics of a classic Bohemian pilsner, but includes a healthy dose of new world hop cultivars that give it a powerful citrus twist.