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Nov 30, 2016 – 0 Comments

We've got a little news to share with y'all.

You may have noticed we've had a couple of pretty crazy years here at Bauhaus. From day one, the doors on this place were blown off and we've been going at full capacity ever since. And, even though we have tripled our opening cellar capacity, we are still scraping to keep up with you thirsty folks.

We are incredibly proud of our sales and distribution team, and the extended family we have built over the past two and a half years. To have pushed self distribution as far as we have is possible only because of their hard work and the incredible support from both our retail partners and Hauslers all around the Twin Cities.

Today, we are on the verge of our biggest expansion yet, one that will push us to the maximum annual production levels allowed for self-distribution in Minnesota. With that, we’re incredibly excited to announce that we are partnering with the best craft beer distributor in the state. While we focus on brewing loads more beer, our friends at Artisan will make it available far and wide all over Minnesota.

Moving beyond self-distribution meant finding the perfect distributor to partner with. Artisan is a distributor that knows and respects the craft beer business as much as the brewery itself. We know that Artisan will enthusiastically represent Bauhaus with the same passion, integrity, and complete weirdness that we do.

Another beautiful factor behind the Bauhaus/Artisan partnership is that both are family businesses. The values and approach to business Artisan takes mirrors our own, and their long-standing traditions have allowed them to stay true to their brand all these years, which is something we’re working to do ourselves.

With that, we wish you & yours an excellent holiday season.


The Bauhaus Familie