Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take reservations?

We serve taproom guests on a first-come, first-served basis, and we do not reserve tables. Our goal is to keep the taproom a super casual, all-inclusive environment, and let’s be honest – a sign that reads “RESERVED” is a bit of a buzzkill!

Do you allow large groups/party buses?

Yes we do! For groups over 20, we appreciate a formal head’s up. Please reach out to our taproom manager at, and she will make sure our staff is ready to accommodate your group. We do not reserve tables for large groups (see above), and we don't offer large group discounts.

Do you have a private event space or can I rent out the taproom?

We don’t have a private space separate from the taproom, but the entire taproom can be all yours on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday OR Wednesday, Thursday, Friday before normal business hours. Because brewing beer and sharing it with the world is our priority, we do not host “buy outs” on the days on which we are open to the public. If you are open to hosting a soiree within those allotted times, mosey over to the events page and scroll down. There's a "book an event" button that will kick off the process!

Do you host weddings?

We do host wedding ceremonies and receptions on Sundays! View our 2019 Wedding Guide here or, if you're planning 2020 nuptials, you can view the 2020 Wedding Guide here.

Do you allow pets, children or teens?

Well-behaved pups are welcome both outside and inside, so bring 'em down to keep you some company and make new friends. As for humans younger than 21, all ages are welcome in the taproom, but you must be 21+ to drink. No doi!

Do you offer gluten-free beer or NA options?

Gluten-free beer is not a part of our line-up, but we do have a few beer alternatives including kombucha and craft soda. We also have delightful little juice boxes for the kiddos. Of, if you’re a full-grown adult who wants to crush some apple juice, that’s cool, too.

Do you sell growlers and do you fill non-Bauhaus growlers?

We always have fresh growlers for sale. If you don't want to add another one to your collection, we're also happy to fill anyone else's growler; they just need to: (1) be clean; (2) be either 750ml or 64oz.; and (3) have the mandatory government warning.

Do you allow outside food?

While we do allow outside food, we always have a food truck on-site during normal taproom hours, and we encourage taproom guests to pay them a visit. Please find the food truck schedule under our Taproom Happenings tab. If you do bring in outside food, we just ask that you’re mindful of those around you and clean up after yourselves. Birthday cake is allowed as long as you’re willing to share with the beer tenders.

Do you make donations to non-profit organizations?

We funnel all non-profit requests through our On The Haus charitable platform. On the Haus partners share a sense of what we believe in: rallying a sense of belonging, fueling joy and creating peace of mind. If you feel like your organization delivers on those criteria, you can be considered for On The Haus support by applying here.

Do you do tours?

Not at this time!

What happens if I forgot to close out my tab?

All unpaid, open tabs are closed out at the end of the evening and 20% gratuity is added. You can pick up your card during public taproom hours (after 4pm Wednesday and Thursday, after 3pm on Fridays and after 12pm on Saturdays).

Do you have a lost & found?

If you think you left something behind, please email our taproom manager Kate ( and she can confirm whether we have it or not. Your items can be picked up during normal taproom hours (after 4pm Wednesday and Thursday, after 3pm on Fridays and after 12pm on Saturdays).

Where can I park? Will my car get towed if I leave my car overnight?

Parking is located in front of the building as well as behind the building. We haven’t had a car towed yet, but we are not responsible for any cars towed overnight.

I work at a retailer, bar or restaurant that would like to carry your beer. How do I make that happen?

Please email and we will hook you up as quickly as possible.

I'm in a band. Can we play your taproom?

Sorry, amigos, we’re currently not booking entertainment at this time.

Are you hiring?

We aren't currently hiring. But when we do, we will share job openings on our blog, with our email list and across our social media platforms. Check back, sign up and follow!

I have an idea for an event. Can I throw it at Bauhaus?

If you have an event idea that we feel makes sense for Bauhaus to host during public hours, we’d love to hear about it! However, almost all special events that we host require a private event contract and can only occur during non-public taproom hours (i.e., on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday).